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Brief History

Piraeus Leasing was founded on February 1993 and it´s main shareholder is Piraeus Bank.

Milestones in the history of the company:

  1995 : the company’s shares after the decision of its board of directors were issued in the Parallel Market of the Athens Stock Exchange.
  1999 : the company bought 36% of the shares of Piraeus Best Leasing SA, which is an operating leasing firm. Currently, after the increases in its share capital this percentage is 48,08%.
2000 : the company started its operations in real estate leasing.
2002: after the relevant approval of the Ministry for Development, the company got permission for merging by absorption with ΟΤΕ Leasing SA.
2003: the boards of directors of Piraeus Leasing and ETBA Leasing SA, decided to inaugurate the process of merging the above mentioned companies through absorption  of the latter by the former. The process of the merger was completed in December 2003.

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